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Challenging Myself: A Journey from Paralyzed to Performer

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

A few days ago I woke up and while trying to get out of bed, during the transfer from my bed to my wheelchair I noticed one of the tires was flat. I could barely roll. I had to get ready for work but I couldn’t even get properly to the bathroom. I couldn’t make a transfer because the brake also didn’t work. That isn’t really safe. It took a couple of hours before It got fixed and I was able to roll again. These wheels are my legs. Right on time it got fixed so I could perform on stage later that night.

TV Show

I've participated in a television program last year in which I got the chance to learn how to dance in a wheelchair. One of the things I thought wasn’t really possible for me. It was great experience but It has not been broadcasted yet. It has been postponed 3 times already.

Anyway, the choreography that I’ve learned for the television show I got the perform again in theater night on a night with other performances form young dance talents. Being on stage is one of my biggest fears, being in front of people. But I did it, again. Before I became paralyzed I never thought this was possible and realizing these things are happening I feel like I want to go bigger, do more. Just being here isn’t good enough. I need challenges to avoid to get demotivated. Right after the show ended I started training on my next challenge, one that is on another level of difficulty.


The goal is to go uphill by handbike, 20 km - 1000 meter in height. I just started training and I have to give my all during the trainings for the next few months. One challenge after the other. I used to daydream about the things I would like to be. Being famous, being a performer, a dancer, a writer, a model or an athlete. I’ve never thought I could become any of these. But now, I’m getting pretty close to trying most of these things.

As long as I don't get a flat tire, I can do it all!

Even though I had a setback with the flat tire and falling out my wheelchair, I was able to overcome the challenge and perform on stage. This experience has inspired me to take on bigger challenges and push myself to the next level. With my determination and hard work, I am getting closer to achieving my dreams. By taking on new challenges and having a positive attitude, I am setting myself up for success.

Photo by Arnhemse meisjes

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