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Road to Miss Wheelchair World

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

If I want to apply to Miss Wheelchair World 2022?

Last year September I've received a message from a former contestant with this question. I was very exited and decided to give it a try. Why not, right?!

On the 3rd of december 2021 the announcement with finalists was posted online. 27 women in wheelchairs were chosen and I am one of them!

Beauty pageant

This year it will be the second time the Miss Wheelchair World event will take place. The first edition was held in Warsaw, Poland. In 2017 Alexandra Chichikova from Belarus was crowned the winner. #beautynolimits

9645 kilometres


In October a new Miss Wheelchair World will be crowned and the gala will be held in Baja Califonia, Mexico.


The next steps include finding a sponsor who supports the journey and can cover expenses for the preparations and flights.

Finding dresses, doing photoshoots and promoting myself will be part of the tasks the coming months. There is no organization who support people with disabilities that participate in beauty pageants.


I am growing in who I am as a person and am confident in a wheelchair. We are all perfectly imperfect. Losing the ability to walk has taught me a lot. My strength and weakness go hand in hand. I accept the situation as it is and try to make most of it. Don't take a day for granted, to be alive is a miracle. My disability is confronting at times when it comes to health. But there is no other way. You have to adapt to overcome difficulty. And I believe I am doing the best I can. Now it's time for the world to see that. The ability, beauty, strength and power of people who (happen to) have a disability. I believe my disability is blessing and a curse. The biggest hurdle is the lack of accessibility. The way we think and see disability needs to change. The inclusion revolution has begon. It's up to us, to show ourselves.


Would you like to show love and support? That's awesome!

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