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To prevent is better than to cure. It's a Dutch saying and I try to keep it in mind when I order water instead of alcohol or when I choose to eat vegetarian meals over consuming meat.

Short-term thinking can cause serious problems, especially when it comes to health.

Prevention and education go hand in hand. When understanding the consequenes of actions, it can lead to different decision making, leading to better decisions, with a more positive outcome on the long-term. If education and experience contribute to prevention of negative situations, we need to keep learning and actually use the knowledge to improve our lives. Stay hungry for knowledge and don't forget to apply.

The other day me and my physiotherapist agreed that my therapy sessions are necessary st least twice a week to maintain the flexibility of my legs. The last two years I've been very consistant in visiting the physio. And I will have to as long as I am paralyzed. This discovery came to light because I missed 2 weeks of therapy last year and the effect was there. I barely have any spams but the tention in the legs was increasing when I did not do the excersizes. To me, it's not new information, I already new that this would happen because I do listen to my body and recognize when I am not fit.

Many people ask me why I need to go the physio to 'move my legs around', as I also mention in my vlogs, it is necessary for contracture prevention (prevention of joint restrictions and muscle abbreviations), spasm control and, maintaining/ improving mobility.

This is just a very small example of what I mean when I talk about prevention but I think you understand what I mean. Long-term thinking about your health is important to improve yourself and your life. Weather it's your eating habits, exercise or mental health, don't act like today is the last day of your life because it can actually have a negative effect, If you don't think about the effects of your decisions.

A friend of mine came to visit me a few weeks ago with all kinds of weird symptoms, he looked like a ghost when I saw him. I asked what was happening but at first he said he was just 'having few days'. But after an hour the truth came, he was not sleeping, throwing up, instant diarrhea, and more. If I would have any of these symptoms more than 2 days my alarm bells would go off and I would go see a doctor, and change the things that have bad influence on my body. But it was going on for 5 weeks, If it wasn't longer. I did not understand why he kept on working, just hoping it would disappear. Bad habits, bad disicions lead to negative outcomes on the long-term. Apparently It started after some deadlines where he just skipped a few nights of sleep, in combination with not eating healthy and so on.. As a worried friend, I try to keep reminding that it's important to sleep, eat and think about the consequences.

But hey, I only share my ideas and thoughts. I believe in trying to prevent what you can have influence on when it comes to your body.

I am gratefull that I was not a smoker when both my lungs collapsed. I was very thankful to myself I was working out as much as I did, I was fit and strong physically to fight for my life during the operation that took over 6 hours when they cut open my back and put 18 screws in my spine. I am glad that I recovered quick physically so that the mental part became easier as well. I believe from the bottom of my heart that being healthy before saved my life.

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