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Die Trying

Updated: May 14, 2019

Motivation is overrated. To feel the desire to act, doesn't mean you will accomplish. Maybe you have to go though a lot of struggle and end up procrastinating. I feel motivated all the time but then these 'other factors' hold me back. They take over, I feel more frustration than motivation. Game over, the dream or goal goes in the fridge. In my mind they are put on a waiting list, that someday I might come back to, when the situation is more ideal.

Some times you hear people say 'the right moment doesn't exist' but that's relative.

The ones lucky enough that have all the right cards to win the game, good for you.

Some of us are lucky bastards. But most of the time it just doesn't work like that.

I feel like I do have potential to do a lot of things but the opportunities never come served on a golden plate. In school I used to struggle a lot, it was never easy. I pushed myself and eventually that inner drive gave me more motivation to try again and keep pushing. I got my degrees now and I started a master study last year. OK, I also quite that one. Even though I tried hard, pushed myself, I faced my limits. I was ready, but my body wasn't. I never had health issues in my life before so now that is a new factor. The days at the University caused me problems with my health so that was a good reason to stop. But, I'm not done yet. I will find a way. One way or the other I will find a way to accomplish that goal, to have a masters degree. It's in the fridge now.

I hear many people talking about dreams, goals, ideas or plans. Talking about it, saying you want to do it, is not enough. If you want to move and buy a house, you will have to take a risk. And by trying you will find out of the moment is now or later. If things didn't change the last 5 years, they probably won't soon. And when you least expect, something might happen that will force you to but then it will be twice as hard.

Here is a small example. For years I wanted a blog. I never told anyone but it was kind of something that was in my mind, a desire to try. To write, to share and to create your own kind of platform. I never did it. I never knew about what. I just felt uncomfortable to try. So I had the idea but never actually tried. Back then not many people were doing it, nowadays everybody does. So I did let that one slide. After I graduated, I had the accident that changed my life, which put me in a position now were I face a lot of struggles, and then I decided to write more. I started small on facebook, only for friend and family to see. It started as a solution to cope with the situation and to keep people around me, up-to-date. They were actually reading it. And guess what? Now, you are reading my blog. In a way it's started out of necessity. The idea that I had, the one that was in the fridge, is now being served. It's not about fashion or a thing that I feel passionate about. It's about my thoughts and the life-changing situation that occurred. It was not anything I've ever thought I would write about. But maybe it's ment to be.

I have many other ideas, goals and dreams. I believe we all have. What are yours right now? Or what was the one you had many years ago?

It's never too late to learn. It's never too late to pursue a dream, goal or idea.

But you have to try.

Photo © Tiger Lopez
Photo © Tiger Lopez

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