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You Are what you Like

Doesn't it seem like everybody is wanting to be like someone else these days. And mostly just famous because of status or money. Open Instagram and you will find all these (young) people posing in front of the same thing, with the same outfit, with the same filter and with the same text. Plastic surgery seems to be normal nowadays and every YouTube star seems retouching or reconstructing their face. Ofcourse there are a few exceptions but mostly it just one copying the other. And it appears to be successful formula other wise people wouldn't be doing it, right? The perfect world seems to be created online.

I guess I can't deny I use Instagram as a platform to share and follow as well and for a long time I was against it. But here we are, and I do use it ..but with some common sense.

I only use it with a goal not because I'm bored. Personally I don't follow accounts that represent 'perfect' bodies and 'perfect' lifes. I always need to feel I can level with someone or I'd like to be inspired on a 'real' level. What's the point of making yourself insecure by watching half naked people on perfect beaches? I have a weakspot for the underdog and I'm not afraid to say it. I like people who are honestly doing their own thing or who actually have something to say. I dislike the Kardashians, what they do and, what they represent. In my mind it doesn't add up. And the worst thing is that everybody seems to like them...

As kids we look up to people, maybe it's one of your parents or some celebrity. I remember as a young girl being fan of singers and bands, putting posters on my wall. The posters are replaced by mobile screens and we look at it at least 3 hours a day. When some people say social media is bad for you, I agree, to some extend. It really depends on how you use it. You should control what you watch every day and not the other way around. And with kids it's different because they are younger and don't understand a lot of the world yet.

When Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for Best Actor in 2014 he did a great speech in which he said; 'There are three things that I need each day. One, I need something to look up to, another to look forward to, and another is someone to chase.' Ofcourse he is a great actor and it's a great performed speech so who knows how 'real' that was but liked that he said he is his own hero, and that's who he chases. Keeping that in mind, Be Your Own Hero. Why do you want to be like someone else? Are you not happy with yourself? Maybe it's time to care less about standards and opinions. Being confident is good, to have some insecurities that's normal. And when these two are out of balance somehow, you may become cocky, arrogant or very insecure. Aren't we all a bit of everything? Anyway, It's not easy to find balance in this but it's better for yourself to try. #knowyourself

What people do you look up to? and why?

Once i've met a guy who looked up to his best friend so much he became unhappy because he could never be like that. The friend, that he looked up to, was the opposite of him, not a nice person but successfull and actually very unhappy with himself as well. It was a unhealthy friendship. I always wondered how long the relationship would last. But I've noticed situations like this before. Also with girls you see these kind of relationships filled with insecure behaviour towards each other. I distance myself from those situations.

Being the best version of yourself, and not wanting to be something that your are not, is pretty important when it comes to your self worth and self esteem.

In real life as well as Online we are constantly comparing ourselves and what we see. We might judge others to hide insecurities or become obsessed with things we didn't know we liked. It is a complex world. Fortunately there are some good sides to this all. We also see great individuals having a chance to show theirselves, from transgender people to peoples with disabilities. We can learn a lot because knowledge is spread in many forms. Social media is accessible and free to everyone with internet so that gives every person a chance to use it.

There is this saying 'You are what you eat', what If we apply that to likes on social media?

You Are What You Like. I like pictures of puppies and sunsets. I don't like pictures of plastic sugery asses or people that pose on a drugged Tiger in some Asian country. Because every picture represents something and reflects something.

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