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The future is not only tomorrow but also 5, 10 and 50 years from now. Maybe wheelchairs will become more advanced or a cure for spinal cord injury will make people able to stand, and even walk again. In that case my hope lays with implantable machine interfaces. A future where spinal cord injuries are only temporary, I hope to experience that day, while I'm still young. Living with a spinal cord injury taught me meanful things but If a cure would be available, sign me up! Walking is what I was born to do.

Paralyzed or Chipped?

As a child I used to fear a future where chips that are implanted in people. We've all seen the movies where AI or robots take over the world. I grew up with that fear. But living without a mobile smartphone at this point seems harder and harder nowadays. Having access to the internet 24/7 in just in the palm of your hand, like an extention of your brain is the reality we live in. Who would've thought that 50 years ago? Almost all the information in the world is available... If you just type the right keywords in the search engine.

Science gives me hope

Implanting a device in my body feels unnatural. But hey..the bars and screws that are holding my spine together saved my life. The accident happend and the doctors saved my life by putting a stuff into my body. But a bit of metal isn't the same as a chip. What are the consequences? Inserting a chip in a brain to safe a person seems like the right thing to do. But like like all technological devices, upgrades will be made. In the future the 'previous version', the person you are right now, you without 'a chip' would probably look primal.

On social media I get comments like; 'Pray and you will heal' & 'God, will cure you' and other simular comments. All I can think... maybe god will, maybe science will.

What If

Maybe a cure by implanting a chip would be possible. Depending on how many years from now, some people will be able to walk again after years of being paralyzed. But most won't. Why? There are many people in this world with a spinal cord injury. It probably won't be financially accessible for everyone. And would it bodywise even be possible? The longer you don't use your legs the condition will reduce. The tention of the bones, the muscles, etc, everything goes backwards when you can't move. Many thoughts on this cross my mind, what are yours?

If I could only walk again, feel the sand between my toes while the waves wash up on the shore...

Robot Tiger
Photoshop Artwork by me

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