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Reflection; Millennial Failures

A lot of people in their twenties act like being 29 is the last year of their lives. Well I personally think there is no need to be so dramatic about it. I wasn't even going to be 27 If I look at the accident I've had. So I'm grateful I will be turning thirty at some point. Well not some point... it will be next year.

Fear of getting older after turning twenty, It's a weird thing but It seems like many young people are suffering by the idea of getting older. I hear people talking about 'being old' who didn't even turn 22 yet. Maybe we feel a pressure to be successful at a young age. We only hear success stories and every one is living their best life so it seems on social media. Young and successful... that's what we hear, see and read about. Somewhere in our heads this idea was created of the need to succeed in something big before 'the end of being young'. Getting older, seems like a negative thing. Not only media, education and our environment but also our biological instinct plays a part in it. I should have probably have had bared at least three kids by now. A lot of people 'made the deadline' on having the family life but I know a lot of single women who can't find a man 'to settle down with'. And they are all educated women. Are we too picky? Yes, I think so. We have all these choices nowadays. We want the best, we think we deserve that. The men of our age want freedom and don't need a wife. And us, women, we can take care of ourselves, we are independent and strong, make our own money and have our own house. We don't need each other it seems, and that's the point. We don't 'need' each other to survive. We are these modern human beings who use technology every day, we are educated and try to make as many as rational decisions that lead to the most desirable outcome, we think. Communicating about emotions and what we really need naturally seems to be suppressed. Mind vs Body.

So this big deadline is coming and we didn't make it. What now? We go loco again like we just turned 20. Party every weekend, being single forever mode is 'on' and we feel dissapointed in ourselves because we didn't become rich, successful or have a family of our own. We are now these independent individuals with jobs and are trying to live up to unwritten standards in this modern west - European society. So we break free, travel whenever we can and try to move on as we try to process our failure of the success we didn't became.

This is just my observation of what I see going on in my environment and my thoughts on it.

Personally I forget how old I am many times. I don't feel young or old. I am just here. I have friends of different ages. On birthday parties or on other social events when my age is asked, I feel like there's an expectation that comes along with every age. So what do you do? Are you married? Where do you work? Let me be, I don't need to be doing what every body else is doing.

I admit I do worry from time to time about not finding a partner to have children with in the near future (no comments on that please). It's an expectation created in my head from all that was taught me. I don't blame the world but that's how it is. From the fairy tales to what I've learned in biology class, all that information created an idea of what should happen at different stages in life.

I'm in a phase of detaching myself from these irrelevant goals and expectations. I don't need to do anything. It's ironic how all the freedom our generation has can limit us. I think I limited myself long enough.

"The goals we set ourselves will give us direction but can also limit us, towards reaching other aspects that are not near those set goals." - Tiger Lopez -

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I've turned 30 recently and this is exactly how I feel - like life has ended and I wasted my 20's because I didn't get the kind of life that others have. I thought I was the only one until I read this post. I'm amazed that there are others who have gone or are going through the same thing/thoughts as me. Someone once told me about the power of timing - what is meant to be will come our way. What we do, go through or what happens to us isn't just random - break ups, bad career choices etc. It all happens to bring is to a better place that we never would have been in if those…

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