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Adapting to Change: Reflecting on What's Truly Important - Corona Pandemic

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Living with a spinal cord injury also means you are more vulnerable in the current situation with the corona crisis. The respirational function is less as the lung and couch capacity is lower, the risk on respiratory infection is higher. Not only that. Living in isolation and uncertainty is a daily situation for a lot of people (with disabilities). Social distancing also for me, is not a problem in the sense of not going outside and just spending a lot of time at home by yourself. Quarantine is a piece of cake.

Every downside has an upside. I hope that abled people realize that self-isolation is normal for a lot of disabled people out there, not by choice, but by circumstances. Doing it by choice is definitely a luxury. Our health is everything, I hope more people realize that now in this Corona Crisis.

Washing your hands often when being a wheelchair user is normal. Keeping yourself healthy isn't any different now these last few days since the corona outbreak as any other time.

The lockdown in a lot of countries drive people crazy because of fear, people are buying food for weeks and that is not necessary in wealthy countries like Europe and most parts in the USA. I also follow the news every day but I'm trying it not to stress me out. Common sense is not that common once again is apply able in this situation. Yes of course this crisis will affect a lot of us, in health and wealth. People are getting sick and losing jobs, these are big problems. Let's all stay home till it's safe.

Staying at home 24/7 alone or with family is not easy. But appreciate the time that you have for and with each other. See it as an opportunity to do the things at home that you never have time for. Clean, reorganize, learn something online or read books.

There is enough to do at home. We live in great time when it comes to technology, we can keep in touch with people all around the world. With the internet you don't ever have to get bored.

Reflect on what is truly important. In first world countries we are so used to the luxury of always being able to do anything we want. But that is not reality in a most people in this world. You need to adapt to the situation. I know it's possible because I already did this and am doing it again. Turn panic into patience.

In conclusion, living with a spinal cord injury can make you more vulnerable in the current situation with the Corona crisis. However, with the right precautions, perspective, and patience it is possible to adapt to these unique circumstances and make the best of it.

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